Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sew your own South African souvenir

Sew your own personalized South African souvenir. Create Hobby offers sewing projects in a trendy/rustic 
suburb in Cape Town. We have all the tools and materials. No need to be a sewing expert, we talk you step by 
step through each project. Great way to spend a morning with a group of friends or fellow travelers. Everyone is welcome!  

What a great idea - This French/Swiss couple has spent 4 months in Cape Town and are planning to meet some friends up in Namibia and tour the county. As a gift and souvenir they made these really awesome Africa T-shirts for their friends. All four of them will have them and the T-shirts will travel with them on their adventure.
Well done Bruno and Layla! Good luck on your travels :)

Other great souvenirs that were sewn up in our classroom were this lovely Africa cushion and this beach bag made of a traditional fabric from South Africa called shweshwe fabric. 
The shweshwe fabric is woven and printed locally. ( History of the shweshwe fabric: http://goo.gl/TN5Pz3 )

To book a sewing class in Cape Town, feel free to contact us at andrea@createhobby.co.za  or check us out at  www.createhobby.co.za  or www.facebook.com/CreateHobby

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