Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Halloween Holiday Sewing Camp

Every school holiday we run a sewing camp in which we sew up fund projects. Our last holiday sewing camp was a very special one. With Halloween around the corner we had decided to make fun dress-up costumes. No doubt that this got the girls excited!

Now the big question was, what where we going to sew up?!
My first thought was a Tinkerbell dress or a princess gown. Since I wasn't the one that was going to be wearing the costumes I decided to ask the girls what they felt like dressing up as. The discussion went wild. As ideas were being thrown around, the theme Frozen came up and everyone seemed to go crazy about the idea of dressing up as Olaf. Now for those of you who don't know who Olaf is, he is a big chubby snow man with a big front tooth.

The younger girls loved the idea of dressing up as Elsa. She is the snow queen in the movie.

Now of course princess and fairies isn't for everyone, we had two girls who rather wanted to dress up as zombies. They started off as Olaf zombies, but the costumes then changed into gorey aprons.
In the picture:
We have Elsa and Olaf from the movie Frozen, a couple of zombies and a Halloween themed dress. 
The costumes were all sewn up by the girls themselves!

We started the class of with a simple sewing exercise to get the girls comfortable with the sewing machines and then moved on to our project. It was incredible to see how quickly they learnt to use the machine. By the end of our exercise everyone knew exactly how to thread their own machine and change the stitch settings. Not bad for 7-11 year olds. 
The girls each received a fabric pack with the right fabric combinations for their projects. Our Olaf and zombie costumes were sewn in felt and decorated with thread, paint and fabric pens. Our Elsa's dress was made of a lovely pale blue satin with white ribbon as sleeves and a white thin mesh for her vale and sleeves. 
The girls carefully laid up their paper patterns onto the fabric and pinned them down. 
The patterns were carefully cut out then and pinned together for sewing.
We were now ready to get sewing. Everyone wound up their machines with the right colour cotton and got going.
Each girl sewed up her own costume.   

The theme dress-up gave the kids lots of room for imagination. They could go wild with ideas. Each of them had a chance to add their special touch, which made the costumes very unique. 

Of course our sewing classes didn't end at just sewing up a Halloween costumes, with spring approaching we sewed and designed our own tank tops and shorts. 

I found some lovely fabric paints and pens on With these the girls could create their very own t-shirt print designs. 
Each girl cut out and sewed up her own tank top and shorts. 
Once the garments were sewn up, we got creative with our pens and paint. 

What a great creative outlet, I am looking forward to the next class!

Our next holiday sewing camp will take place 15,17 and 18 December 2014.

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Elasticated Skirt Tutorial - Sewing in Cape Town

One of the things we cover in our level 1 sewing lessons is how to insert elastics. 
This tutorial is specially dedicated to my students. :)

Here is a fun and easy sewing project for you to do:

We will be sewing up a skirt with a waist elastic. 

-1,10m of fabric (width 140cm) 
* Tip: A light weight, none stretch fabric will be easier to work with.
-1m of 6cm wide elastic
-Matching cotton 

Measurements you will need:
-Length of skirt you would like

I chose to do a floor length skirt with a printed viscose lycra fabric, as it has a heavier drape and is soft and comfortable . 

Step 1)
Cut your elastic the length of your waist measurement, minus 3cm. (My waist was 62cm, I ended with 59cm).
Then stretch it out as far as it will comfortably stretch, and see what this measurement is. Make a note of this measurement. (My elastic could stretch to 117cm)

Step 2)
Measure the length you would like your skirt to be. I wanted a floor length skirt which measured 107cm. 
Add on 1cm for seam allowance and 1cm for hem allowance.(End length: 109cm)

Step 3)
Time to cut your fabric. For the cross wise grain us the stretched out waist measurement (117cm) and for the length grain use the skirt length measurement (109cm).

Step 4)
If you have used a cotton voile zig zag or overlock your rectangle edges. 
If you are using a viscose lycra like me, you can overlock the edges as you close up your garment.

Step 5)
Pin the elastic to your cross wise grain edge. (This is the edge that will end up in your waist).
To ensure even gathers, pin the elastic in even ratios to you fabric.
If you have 7 evenly spaced pins on your elastic, match these up with 7 evenly spaced marks on your fabric.
Pin the elastic to the right side of the fabric with the edge of the elastic against the fabric edge. 

Step 6)
Sew the elastic in. When sewing in the elastic, ensure you are pulling the fabric out toward the back and the front, stretching the elastic into the fabric while you are sewing. Work from pin to pin. 
If you are using a overlocker you will overlock the edge of the elastic to the edge of the fabric. 
If you are using only a sewing machine, use a 1cm seam allowance to sew the elastic to the fabric.

Once the elastic is sewn in and you flip it up, it will look like this:

Step 7)
Lay your side seam on top of each other. Match the elastic edges up.
Sew closed your side seam. 

Step 8) 
If you have not overlocked your bottom edge yet, do this now. 
Once the edge has been overlocked, turn the edge in to the wrong side of the fabric and stitch the fold down with a straight stitch.

Step 9)
Give your garment a final press with the iron.
Well done, your skirt is now complete!! :) :) 

*Tip if you only have a sewing machine, use the overlocking foot and stitch to finish of the raw edges of your panels. 
All other stitching is done with your all purpose foot and a straight stitch with stitch-length 2.5-3. 

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Kids school holiday activity in Cape Town - Sewing lessons

Ever wondered how to keep the kids busy in the school holidays, while learning a valuable skill?
Create. Hobby offers sewing lessons for kids. 
Kids get to sew up fun projects by hand and by machine. Sewing is great to stimulate creativity and develop hand & eye coordination. 
It's a lovely social environment in which kids can interact with each other and make new friends.
With small groups, kids receive personal attention and we guide them step by step through each sewing project. Kids learn to cut fabric, pin garments together and sew. The skills learn don't only stay in the class room, but can also be taken home. 

We have the following dates coming up for our school holiday sewing camp:

Age 6-7: Monday-Thursday,  30 June-3 July 2014
Age 8-11: Monday-Thursday, 7-10 July 2014
Age 8-11: 6-9 October 2014
Age 6-7: 15, 17, 18  December 2014
Age 8-11: 5-8 January 2015

Times of the program: 9:30am - 12:30pm
Venue: Lessons take place at 142 Lower Main Road, Observatory.
Cost: R1360
Materials: All materials are included 

Sewing is a lifelong skill. 
To book a spot you can contact us at You can also find us at ||

Friday, February 28, 2014

Headboard Tutorial

Quick and easy way to make a headboard.

We had a old pine bed base which just needed a little update. 

Materials needed:
Pleather or upholstery fabric 
and if you like a more cushioned look you can add batting.

I managed to get the pleather for a good price from Fabric City in Cape Town. Fabric World in Wynberg supplies and cuts foam to size. Pennypinchers in Woodstock supply hardboard and for just an extra R15 they cut it to size. Cash Crusaders or a hardware store supply staple-guns.  

1) Measure the size you would like your headboard to be. I used 148 cm x 75 cm.

2) Cut the pleather/fabric 30-40 cm wider than your headboard measurement on each side. I ended up with a rectangle of 228 cm x 155 cm. A large rim is needed to fold over the foam and the board. 
If you are using batting, cut this 15 cm wider than your measurements on each side.
The foam and the board should be the exact size of your top measurements.

3)Create a sandwich with your materials. Place your pleather/fabric on the floor, lay your batting in the centre of the fabric, then lay the foam centred on the batting and lay your hardboard as the last layer. (*I wanted a square look, so I left out the batting.) 


4) Fold your fabric edges in and stable them down. 

5) Once you have done one edge, pull the pleather/fabric tight over the opposite end of the board and repeat the staple process. 

 6) Remove excess fabric in the corners and carefully tuck the edges away. Then repeat as in step (4). 

 7) Now for the final step, tuck the headboard in-between the current headrest and your mattress. It should sit nice an snug. Tadaa, your bed has a brand new look! 

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sew your own South African souvenir

Sew your own personalized South African souvenir. Create Hobby offers sewing projects in a trendy/rustic 
suburb in Cape Town. We have all the tools and materials. No need to be a sewing expert, we talk you step by 
step through each project. Great way to spend a morning with a group of friends or fellow travelers. Everyone is welcome!  

What a great idea - This French/Swiss couple has spent 4 months in Cape Town and are planning to meet some friends up in Namibia and tour the county. As a gift and souvenir they made these really awesome Africa T-shirts for their friends. All four of them will have them and the T-shirts will travel with them on their adventure.
Well done Bruno and Layla! Good luck on your travels :)

Other great souvenirs that were sewn up in our classroom were this lovely Africa cushion and this beach bag made of a traditional fabric from South Africa called shweshwe fabric. 
The shweshwe fabric is woven and printed locally. ( History of the shweshwe fabric: )

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