Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Building Create Hobby Sewing Centre

To celebrate Create. Hobby's 2nd Birthday I thought  I would share our start-up story.

Just over two years ago we took the big leap and decided to change from private home sewing lessons, to opening up our studio. The leap was a big one and we knew it would be a challenge, but we were excited to give it a go.

We are now in full swing and still enjoying every moment of it.

Here is how we got to where we are today:

Step 1 - Finding an office space. We needed a large room with lots of light. This place had potential. A long strip of clear roofing was positioned in the center of the ceiling allowing lots of natural light in.

Step 2 - Creating something to work towards. My sister, Jenni-Jane Fudge was kind enough to draw up a plan. She was brilliant, from just some pictures I had sent her and listening to my million and one ideas, she managed to put this together.

Step 3 - Putting dreams into action. I had some chandeliers left from my wedding. I felt these would bring good luck as the first time we used them was the best day of my life and they added a elegant touch.

Step 4 - Having outdoor table and rails made. Searching high and low, I managed to find a guy in Ottery who could weld up the chairs that I wanted. Great way to support local welders.

Step 5 - Ordering chairs.

Step 6 - Getting insulation and a ceiling re-done. It was time to get started on the inside revamp.

Step 7 - Getting table tops delivered.

Step 8 - Having my awesome sister help out...

Step 9 - Buying trestles for the cutting table.

Step 10 - Start painting with my sister and a random guy, Lucky - who felt the need to help two girls paint ... and saved us hours of work as he was a mater in painting...

Step 11 - Ordering and collect sewing table bases. Our local welder managed to weld this up from some rough pencil sketches I had drawn up.

Step 12 - Cleaning & painting table bases and then attaching them to table tops.

Step 13 - Having our custom designed cupboards delivered and built up.

Step 14 - Having our Sign put up.

Step 15 - Our Singer sewing machines were delivered and we were ready to launch.

              Before & After 

A big thanks to everyone that supported me from start to finish. I could not have done it with out you.

Also a big thanks to all my students. Without you, we would not be where we are today.

Building your own business is truly one of the most exciting challenges one can embark on. It comes with lots of tears of joy and frustration, but every minute is worth it.

If you are interested in getting sewing, we sell a range of Singer sewing machines. For sewing machine options you can find a variety of models that we can order in for you at www.createhobby.co.za/sew-machines

To view our sewing class options, feel free to read up about them at www.createhobby.co.za/classes