Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Upcoming Sewing and Pattrenmaking Courses for September - December 2015

Level 1:

Our next Level 1 course start dates are:

- Monday evening  5 October 2015, 6-7:30pm 
- Friday morning 2 October 2015, 10-11:30am. 

The Level 1 course is R1990 and includes all materials. 
The course is 8 weeks long and lessons are 1 ½ hours each, once a week. We show you from scratch how to use a sewing machine. We also show you how to insert elastics, zips, buttons, hems and we teach you how to read a bought pattern.  
To practice your basic sewing skills we also complete 2 exciting sewing projects. 
We also are offering a Level  1 course now on a Saturday morning. Lessons are 2 hours long and the course runs over 6 weeks. The next start date is:
- 16 January, 11:00am - 1:00pm.  (Please note that we close every 4th weekend) 


In November and December we will be offering sewing workshops . Each workshop is 3 ½ hours long and the cost including materials is R770. In the workshop we will show you how to use a sewing machine and we will complete 1 project. The available workshop dates are:

- Saturday 28 November;  9am-1:30pm
- Monday 30 November;  4;30pm-8pm
- Friday 4 December; 9:30am-1pm

Level 2:
In Level 2, we sew up a skirt, a dress, pants and a blouse. 

Our next level 2 course start dates are:

-Thursday 8 October, 10am-12pm 
-Saturday 19 September, 1:30-3:30pm. (Please note we close every 4th weekend) 
- Tuesday 19 January, 6-8pm

Lessons are 2 hours each. The course is 14 weeks long and lessons happen once a week. The cost is R3380 excluding materials and R3860 if you would like materials included.

Level 3: 

In Level 3 you learn to trace a ready-made garment and we sew up a tailored Jacket, a sleeveless designer hood,  leggings, a top with binding straps and appliqué, a handbag and to finish off the course we up-cycle a men’s shirt.  
The course runs over 15 weeks with lessons once a week. The course excluding materials is R3620.
-Start date Thursday 8 October; 6-8pm

Kids Sewing Camp:

Our next kids sewing camp will run 5-7 October, 9:30am-12:30pm. The 3 day camp is R990 and includes all materials. 
Kids get to sew up 3-4 projects with a sewing machine. 

Patternmaking - Basic blocks and manipulation 

Join our Patternmaking course on Wednesday 14 October, 6-8pm.
The course runs over 9 weeks,
We draft a basic bodice, skirts, sleeve and trouser block and learn to manipulate patterns. 
The course is R2450 and includes brown paper for pattern drafting.

To book a spot you can contact us at andrea@createhobby.co.za. You can also find us at  www.createhobby.co.za | www.facebook.com/CreateHobby | www.twitter.com/createhobby