Meet the Singer Simple 3232!

We often get asked how to decide on a sewing machine to purchase. The answer is simple. You need to consider your budget and know what you plan on using the machine for.

For this post we have decided to shine the light on one of our favourite, trusty machines that we have used to teach many students how to sew. When we started the studio 6 and a half years ago, we decided to opt for the Singer Simple 3232.

 This machine was the perfect option for us, because it combined a sturdy body, affordability and a pretty aesthetic with all the basic features you would need to make almost anything.

The machine boasts 32 built-in stitches which consists of basic, stretch and decorative stitches. It also features a 1 step automatic buttonhole process, which makes it feel almost effortless. We love that you are able to lift the presser foot extra high and that it has an automatic needle threader, which make it a breeze to get the thread through the needle.

The 3232 comes with several extra presser feet, like a zipper and button foot and even includes an extra pack of needles, seam ripper and a soft cover to protect your machine from the elements.

The machine has an easy to follow numbered path for threading, a front loading bobbin and a thread cutter on the side of the machine. It is able to handle heavier fabrics with relative ease and the heavy duty frame helps against skipping and jumping when sewing and it also means it will last for years.

If you are interested in seeing this machine in action, join us at our studio for a sewing lesson. We have courses ranging from beginner to advance. Or join us for a project based or private lesson where we teach you what you would like to learn. Contact us on for more information or to book.

If you would like to buy one of your own, the Singer Simple 3232 retails for R4449 at Create.sewing Shop. You will also receive a 1 hour free demonstration lesson when you purchase the machine from us. Visit Create.sewing Shop at 187 Lower Main Road, Observatory. They are open Monday-Friday, 9:30-17:30 and Saturday, 9:00-14:00.
Contact them on or 066 228 8699.  

To book a sewing or pattern making lesson you can contact us at You can also find us at | |


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