Get crafty this winter!

Winter in Cape Town is associated with strong winds, cloudy skies and ever so often rain. Even though it may sound like doom and gloom, we say this weather is perfect to get crafty. 
Think along the lines of a cup of tea and some knitting or a peaceful day under the blankets with some crocheting. If you have always wanted to venture into the crafty side of life, Create.sewing shop is your answer.

They have recently launched "The Social Crochet Series". What is this you may ask?!

Well at least once a month they will teach you the joys of crochet through demonstrating to you different techniques and helping you make a variety of projects. At only R100 a session (excluding materials), Natasha will show you how to crochet anything from circles, that you can transform into a bookmark or earrings, squares that can form part of a blanket and many more exciting projects. 

The initiative was kick-started  one Thursday morning in June at the Create.sewing shop loft. A group of lovely ladies joined Natasha and they all enjoyed learning a new skill while being able to chat and sip on a cup of tea/coffee.

If you would like to join us for one of "The Social Crochet Series" classes, contact us on to get more information and book your spot.

To book a sewing lesson you can contact us at You can also find us at | |


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